How is your rhythm?

A golden question to ask yourself regularly is “How is my rhythm?”.

Yes, perhaps it’s a musical question but dear one, so are you. Your very existence is Rhythm. It’s the principal and pervading throb that keeps you connected and alive. It’s your warmth, gold and glue. You may not feel particularly musical but you are absolutely rhythmical by nature. Every aspect of you has a rhythmical pattern and sound. This is YOUR sound.

Just think of your heart and lungs, the organs of your rhythmic system. The great regulators that keep all your digestion of life, your metabolic processes, nervous system and senses talking to one another for wellness.

Ry Cooder comes to mind “Get rhythm, when you get the blues….”.

Yes indeed!

We know that nature has it’s cycles, seasons, rhythms and so do we. It is for this very reason that if we observe and understand nature, we understand ourselves. We get connected. That’s it.

When we are disconnected our rhythms are out of sync. And, this is where disturbance and dis-ease come about.

Each and every one of your hormonal processes have rhythm. The two jewels that support your rhythm are Routine and Regularity. Without these you get inner disturbances ~ noisiness.

“Noisiness comes from restlessness, and restlessness is the destructive rhythm.” Hazrat Khan

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