Meet Dipika Delmenico


My vision is to embrace ancient healing wisdom, creating global wellness for modern living.  You are whole and complete. I believe the most holistic healer lives within you. My mission is for people to reconnect and remember this all seeing, all knowing inner healer.  This is the sound of YOU, your purpose. It’s your radiance and vitality.”

-Dipika Delmenico, ND


Dipika Delmenico is an Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner, Anthroposophic Naturopath, Presenter and #1 Best Selling Author. She has been practicing traditional holistic medicine clinically for more than 20 years having worked with thousands of patients globally with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for wellness in the modern world.

Dipika Delmenico

Dipika's Approach to Healing

Dedicated to holistic health and healing through Ayurveda, anthroposophical medicine and Yoga of Sound, Dipika has never been satisfied with just knowing it works but taking the deep dive into how it works. Always striving to go to the spirit and essence of source, she brings a deep understanding, clarity and wisdom to her work. She has developed insight and sensitivity in reading a person’s physical, living, mind and soul health through pulse reading and observation.

Dipika works with all kinds of people just like you, but has particular interest in women's health, family health and pedagogical school health.

Why? “I believe that working with women's health, cycles and life transitions, re-establishing simple routines and rhythms in our lives is key for whole health.  Not only for women, but children and whole family health in all communities locally and across the world. When woman is well, we all thrive! We are healing the great feminine aspect in each of us”.

Dipika runs busy clinical practices in Melbourne and Surfcoast Torquay, Victoria as well as Skype consultations with patients globally.  She is the founder of The Radiant Woman Wellness Programs and teaches online global programs and trainings.

Dr Rudolf Steiner said if you wish to understand life then study the rhythms of nature. Dipika is all about getting into our rhythm and understanding the true nature of things!

Her Journey

Dipika Delmenico is a registered Naturopathic practitioner and has been practicing traditional medicines for more than 20 years.  Since 1999 she has trained extensively in Ayushakti Ayurveda under the practical tuition of world renowned Master Vaidyas Pankaj Naram and Smita Naram and in their Mumbai and international clinics.

Dipika has extensive practical experience in Ayurveda, the art of pulse reading, herbal remedies, diet, Panchakarma therapies and marma chikitsa therapy.  All six tools of Ayurveda.

Passionate about Ayurveda and holistic healing Dipika brings great understanding, clarity and authenticity to her work having developed insight and sensitivity in reading a person's physical, living, mind and spirit state of health through pulse evaluation.

It is through this vast experience she knows it is not enough to just understand a person.  You must give them the experience of knowing you understand them and how to create their unique health promoting solution.

This is when the true healing can begin and transformation can happen.

For 10 years Dipika has been studying Anthroposophical Medicine under the Mentorship of Anthroposophic Medical Specialist and Pedagogic School Health Consultant, Irmhild Kleinhenz, expanding her understanding and knowledge of the spiritual science of health and illness.  Dipika has completed the five year IPMT (International Post Graduate Medical Training) intensive programs of Anthroposophic medicine in Australia and India. She has met the training criteria for Anthroposophic Naturopath by the School of Medical Science of the Geotheanum, Switzerland.

Dipika is a teacher of Nāda Yoga, The Yoga of Sound having completed her 200RYT training in Hawaii and India, bringing Sānskrit mantra and sound based practices into her work.

Dipika has particular interest in women's health, family health and school health.

In 2001 she established Amrita Ayurveda bringing Ayushakti Ayurveda and creating clinics in major cities of Australia and New Zealand and instrumental in the Practitioner training for Health Practitioners in these countries.

In 2014 she recorded a series on women's reproductive health issues which are becoming more prevalent in contemporary living from endometriosis, PCOD, fertility and menopause with women's fertility health specialist Dr. Smita Naram in Mumbai.

A powerful, engaging motivational  speaker Dipika believes that working with women's menstrual health and reestablishing simple routines and rhythms in our lives is key for children and whole family health in all communities.

She currently practices clinically in Torquay and Melbourne, Victoria.

Dipika embraces the task of people healing themselves through educating and remembering their nature.  She regularly gives community talks, group presentations and teaches Ayurveda and Yoga workshops with authentic and experienced yoga teachers.  Dipika teaches Ayurveda in Yoga teacher training programs as well as Practitioner Mentoring and Training.

Dipika is the author of The Ayurvedic Woman, contributing author of #1 best seller, Shine Your Light: Powerful Practices for an Extraordinary Life, and creator of The Radiant Woman: Creating Absolute Vitality in the Second Half of Life and Creating Vitality Through Sound. 

Dipika’s Introduction to Ayurveda

Dipika was a resident Naturopath in a yoga ashram community clinic in India when her own chronic health challenges saw her seek and have her pulse read by a World Renowned Ayurvedic Physician Dr Pankaj Naram. It was a succinct healing moment that saw her head on a whole new trajectory and apprentice with this expert Pulse Reader for the next decade. “He read my pulse and I felt so known and completely understood. My healing began and I knew I had met my teacher. I was a sponge and wanted to learn with him”. (for more see video interview).

A Deeper Dive into Healing

Having always been devoted and drawn to ancient healing mysteries and the human potential for inner healing Ayurveda was a whole, complete philosophy to live and practice medically. However, yearning to go even deeper Dipika was introduced to Anthroposophic Medicine. She attended a talk at her local Steiner School on the outbreak of pertussis which had divided the community. It was given by Pedagogical Anthroposophical Medical Practitioner, Irmhild Kleinhenz. “It resonated with such fundamental truth as to why some people become ill with contagious disease and others do not, that I knew I had to pursue this spiritual science to refine my work that it be of the calibre I was compelled to offer in service”. This was about an essence in healing even more subtle than digestion, immunity and emotional intelligence.

Meeting internationally respected Nāda Yoga teacher and sacred musician Anandra George, Dipika completed her immersion and service teacher training in Yoga of Sound. Becoming established in sānskrit, the language of vibration she returned to the absolute root and subtle source of Ayurvedic medicine. She works with mantra and sound based practices in her clinical practice and teaching.


In busy clinical practice in Torquay and Melbourne Dipika treats patients from all over Australia and globally. Incorporating all the healing wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine, Anthroposophical medicine and Yoga of Sound she practices A-your-veda. This means it is unique and tailored for YOU as no two people on the planet are the same.  Using diet, herbal remedies, home remedies, Ayurvedic therapies, anthroposophical medicine remedies and sanskrit mantra, she has outstanding patient results in acute, chronic and degenerative diseases.

The Learning

Dipika is committed to and understands, the impulse to develop and learn all our lives.   She works collaboratively with renowned Ayurvedic physician Dr. Smita Naram (in 2014 Dipika and Dr Naram made a series of 7 episodes of Womens Health related conditions for Indian TV).

She continues to be mentored by Irmhild Kleinhenz in Anthroposophical Medicine and having completed a five year cycle in IPMT, she continues to participate in the IPMT (International Post Graduate Medical Training in Anthroposophical Medicine) in Australia and India. Dipika has completed:

  • Advanced Diploma of Applied Science in Naturopathy
  • Diploma of Traditional Thai Massage Therapy
  • Yoga of Sound 200RYT teacher training

Ayurveda and Yoga

These are sister sciences. For more than 12 years Dipika has taught regular series of Ayurveda and Yoga workshops with experienced Yoga practitioners, and teacher trainings for public, students and yoga teachers of various aspects of health including Chronic Pain, Fertility, Pregnancy, Menstrual Health, Menopause, Aging Well, Dynamic General Health and Digestive Health.

Dipika teaches Nāda Yoga, the Yoga of Sound workshops nationally.  She is founder of The Radiant Woman: Creating Vitality Through Sound.

"Dipika in my experience 'walks her talk'. Her insight into the troubles of the body, mind and soul, gained through her quite unique gift in the ancient system of pulse diagnosis, identifies imbalances that I am barely aware of. As a practitioner myself, I am impressed by her depth of knowledge but it is her practical advise and recommendation, that obviously comes from personal experience (walking the talk), adjusting diet and lifestyle sometimes in small yet profound ways that I appreciate most. The depth of touch in her treatments reflects all of the above as well."


Tim Mitchell
Vedic Meditation Initiator, Yoga Teacher and Health Practitioner.
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