Dipika Delmenico 2016

Dipika Delmenico, ND
Ayurvedic Practitioner, Naturopath and Presenter

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 20:30 Pacific Time 
(Wednesday, September 27 - 13:30 AEDT)

Uncover the essence of your rhythms that create, nourish and sustain your vitality and deep beauty while navigating all phases of your life.

Menopause is the gateway to the second half of your life. You, as woman, move through distinctive life phases and cycles and are now making the biggest hormonal shift in your adult life.

You have the potential at this phase in your life to fully embody your life knowledge and open to your wisdom. It is an empowering threshold as you grow and age with vitality, beauty, gentleness and ease.


The quality of our inner feeling life, hormonal health and vitality determine the experience of this transition. The problem is that for many women there is discomfort and challenge with their menstrual cycle.

There can be fear of menopause, aging and the health challenges and difficulties that can accompany it. From hot flushes to dryness, weight gain, poor sleep, anxiety, aches and pains, degeneration, lack of purpose, confusion and even lack of self.

We commonly put bandages on the pain of this invisible transition, without understanding it’s real meaning, gifts and how it can refine our experience of ourselves. This is not taught to us in our contemporary ways of living.

The source of all the symptoms of discomfort and difficulty you experience are hormonal imbalance and you may not even know it. Whole and complete in essence, many women feel that there is an imbalance but do not know how to address this effectively.

Well dear ones, your Metabolic processes can be managed by you. You can re-calibrate, pacify and nourish the substance of your inner “juices” and secretions to create hormonal wellness.

In this free 75-minute live training, you will discover the 3 keys or essential elements of Ayurvedic wisdom for women:


Creating Hormonal Balance

You'll learn the simple daily practices that create hormonal health and connect you with your innate natural rhythms for vitality, clarity and fulfillment.


Bolster Your 'Digestion of Life'

You’ll discover how to bolster your digestion and recalibrate your metabolic processes…this is the pillar of your feminine vitality.


Reconnect to Your Own Inner Healer

You’ll understand how to nourish the relationship with the powerful holistic healer that dwells in YOU through practices that renew and refresh for a dynamic you in the world.

By following these three keys along with the practical tools I’ll be giving you, you’ll be able to create and sustain hormonal health in menopause and beyond for a joyous and vital life.

This is the alchemy of you as radiant woman.

"At this point in your life hormonal health is the most critical component for your healthy aging, vibrant energy and longevity..."

Meet Dipika Delmenico

Dipika Delmenico is a Practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine, Anthroposophic Naturopath, educator  and author. Having  practiced holistic medicine clinically for more than 20 years Dipika’s worked with thousands of patients globally using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

Dipika is passionately dedicated to women connecting to their womanhood and healing the great feminine. Dipika’s described as a powerful, engaging, warmly authentic and inspiring speaker and presenter. Clinically, Dipika practices extensively, teaches and presents in all aspects of woman’s health and wellness. In particular menstrual, menopause health and the varying chronic challenges it can individually bring. Women generally know when their hormonal function is imbalanced. With humour, truth and compassion, Dipika empowers  women. She gives simple practical understanding of how and what they can do, to optimize their hormonal function and vitality. “This is reconnecting with yourself and remembering your inherent nature. Living this, is embodying your wisdom”.

Dipika’s work has evolved and refined over the years with menopause and the second half of Woman’s Life.  This is when the innermost stress lines, the cracks start to appear, in the foundation of how a woman’s lived until this transition.  We are living in a world that places great emphasis on the beauty of the external. The nature of this work is about each woman experiencing deep inner, authentic beauty and educating to the true meaning of a Woman’s cycles and seasons.

What people are saying about Dipika…

“Dipika Delmenico is masterful at connecting women to their healthiest and best self and their deepest feminine essence.  In The Radiant Woman: Creating Absolute Vitality for the Second Half of Life, she shares the profound wisdom of Ayurveda in a comprehensive way that will create powerful transformation in your life.  Dipika will give you the specific knowledge and tools to navigate all the phases, challenges and   opportunities of the second half of life. You will hear, appreciate, and make manifest the beautiful song of your heart.

I encourage every woman to take this course and live with full vitality and exquisite radiance. This program is truly life changing!”

Marci Shimoff
#1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul, featured teacher in The Secret

“Dipika is an insightful, experienced Ayurvedic Practitioner, and a woman of integrity, wisdom and heart. She has helped 1000’s of people experience wellness and healing. She understands the depths of Ayurvedic wisdom, apply it in a simple, practical way that empowers and transforms people’s modern lives.”

Dr. Smita Naram
Ayurvedic Physician.
Founder & Managing Director, Ayushakti Ayurved International

“Dipika, in my experience, 'walks her talk'. Her insight into the troubles of the body, mind and soul, gained through her quite unique gift with the ancient system of Ayurved, identified imbalances that I was barely aware of. As a practitioner myself I am impressed by her depth of knowledge and touch in her teachings that creates transformation in profound ways.”

Tim Mitchell
Vedic Meditation Teacher and Health Practitioner

“I came to Dipika burned-out, stressed and systemically depleted…I was in a state! With her wise and compassionate guidance I learned how to listen to my body, to my thoughts and emotions, more clearly than ever before. Dipika taught me a rhythm of self care and understanding that’s helping me to heal. The benefit in my daily life is precious...This work is transformative.”

Jo Tasic
Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Business Woman & Mother

“Dear Friends, Dipika has synthesised the gold wisdom from Anthroposophical medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for the peri-menopausal woman. I have learnt from Dipika the importance of understanding and supporting a totally different energy dynamic for this stage of life.  More importantly I have learnt if the transition is supported in the right way, vigorous energies are ours after menopause, but if we continue our old ways we will come up against the body's resistance. Such an opportunity to hear and listen to our soul life if we give our selves the time and space to listen to our heart's wisdom. The reproductive forces are now free for higher spiritual cognitive thinking. Many Thanks Dipika for your work, a wonderful courageous work"

Dr Lisa Harris
Medical Doctor