Moderation is a powerful virtue. It’s like the great regulator, or scales, that holds things together for us. Not too much nor too little. All things come when we understand and embody moderation. In essence being moderate gives us everything we need to create enough vibrancy for living well. (more…)

A golden question to ask yourself regularly is “How is my rhythm?”.

Yes, perhaps it’s a musical question but dear one, so are you. Your very existence is Rhythm. It’s the principal and pervading throb that keeps you connected and alive. It’s your warmth, gold and glue. You may not feel particularly musical but you are absolutely rhythmical by nature. Every aspect of you has a rhythmical pattern and sound. This is YOUR sound. (more…)

Ayurveda has given secrets to good sleep for 5,000 years. This is not a modern phenomena or fad. What is modern, is lack of good sleep, in our overloaded, busy, crowded, highly stimulated lives.

There are some simple golden rules to follow for good sleep: (more…)

Holistic medicine

Holistic medicine is only true to its name when it treats the entire being. Mind, body, spirit. It is soul rich medicine. We can experience holistic medicine in many different ways and all kinds of health professionals and healers integrate all manner of healing modalities striving for holistic therapy.

Healing resonates with me when it is authentic and steeped in a holistic context. It is the elixir of truth that you know in the depth of your being is healing. (more…)