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Shine Your Light: Powerful practices for and Extraordinary Life

#1 International Bestseller

Dipika’s story, "The Golden Thread," is a tale of love, pain, yearning and healing, woven with the pulsating throb of consciousness, destiny and how to live with clarity and purpose.

You'll be empowered with the knowledge and practical tools to overcome some of life's challenges and truly shine YOUR light.

I wrote this book with NY Times bestselling authors, Janet Bray Attwood, Marci Shimoff, and Chris Attwood along with Geoff Affleck and a group of self-improvement experts from 8 countries.

The Ayurvedic Woman: The Essential Guide to Radiant Health in all Phases of Life

The Ayurvedic Woman book by Dipika Delmenico

- To be released in 2018 -

What is this book about?

This book is about the essence and nature of woman, the phases and cycles of woman’s life, hormonal health and how to balance hormones in a busy, modern life of great demands and expectations, fatigue, stress, anxiety and overwhelm. The nature of woman and how to nourish her source for wellness and vitality all of life.

This book is about reconnecting to your true nature as woman and understanding simple practical ayurvedic wisdom to balance and heal yourself, to create vitality, courage, clarity and balance.

This book is about how you live, your daily routines and rhythms, your sleep, your creative expression, your purpose, your dreams.

Why is this book needed?

The health of woman is essential for wellness of children, family, community and the planet. She is the source, the mother, the ultimate nourisher and creator.

We are living in a crowded, busy, demanding world with enormous demands placed on us as women. Our western culture does not teach us to truly understand and revere our cycles as woman and the gifts of each phase of woman’s life. We do not rest and nourish but push ourselves to achieve, to do, to keep up with the pace of modern life. This has come at the expense of woman’s vitality, ease, clarity and fulfilment and purpose.

Women are experiencing too much fatigue, stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Women’s hormonal health is commonly imbalanced and they do not even know it. Women experience problems and difficulties with menstrual cycles, fertility, menopause and aging that can be remedied by understanding their composition and how to balance with the simple tools of Ayurvedic philosophy and medicine.

It is time to reconnect women with their own womanhood. Time to stop surviving and thrive, living with grace, purpose and ease.

This book is needed for all women and for our daughters. Our daughters need us as women to understand ourselves that we can guide and live radiant wellness in all phases of our life.

Who is this book for?

Overworked? Fatigued? Stressed? Anxious? Life’s feeling dry? Resistant to aging?   Then this book is for you to restore, rebalance and renew.

This book is for all women who wish to experience and create dynamic life vitality, mental clarity, hormonal health in all phases and transitions of life, emotional steadfastness, inner balance, nourishment and absolute fulfilment.

If you have digestive issues, stress, anxiety, fatigue, poor sleep, aches and pains, lack of motivation, dryness, menstrual difficulties, fertility challenges, menopause, aging.

What are some takeaways the reader will gain?

  • How to balance your hormones and metabolic processes.
  • How to to create vitality and juiciness for life
  • How to age with strength and gentle gracefulness.
  • How to establish daily rhythms and routines to nourish your inner life for life
  • How to keep your digestion strong and immunity robust
  • How to have health menstrual cycles with out discomfort
  • How to have an easeful, rich menopause experience.
  • How to live a golden second half of life beyond menopause.