A 7 Week Live Online Course starting Wednesday 25th October with Dipika Delmenico, N.D., Ayurvedic Expert and Anthroposophic Naturopath

Discover practical Ayurvedic healing wisdom for creating radiant vitality, clarity and hormonal health for graceful menopause and beyond.

You are woman. You are unique in your composition and creative expression. Within you dwells the One who sees and knows you completely. One who knows how to heal your wounds and pain.

This is your inner healer. I will show you the ways of The Radiant Woman to access this inner healer and live into your innate rhythms.  This is connecting  to your powerful source and living in the feminine essence of which you were created. You will celebrate transitions and changes as you navigate the journey of your life. You will know the sound of your womanhood.

Dear one, it’s now time to experience a whole new vitality of  yourself as woman, in all your radiance.  This is the second half of your life. The moment  to embrace all the cycles, transitions and richness you are,  all you have been and will become.

"You are your own most holistic healer and it is time to
cultivate this fundamental aspect of yourself."

You want to be healthy, to feel vibrant, clear and courageous in all parts of your life ~ body, mind, emotions and soul. This is an innate longing, for you are a spiritual being in a physical body of the feminine essence. A woman.

You want to feel connected to your heart, your relationships, your community and nature. You want to feel you are enough and worthy. You want to have dynamic energy, passion and  enthusiasm.  You want to feel nourished.  You want to be purposeful, creative, juicy and flowing with your hormones and phases of life.

You wish to experience wellness and ease in perimenopause, menopause and beyond. To live the second half of your life with the deep beauty, wisdom and grace that you are.

But the problem is, that you feel fatigued, weary, disconnected, in pain, confused in your life direction, unfulfilled in relationships, fearful of doing and being what you deeply long for.  You feel afraid of changing with life and it’s transitions. Afraid of being unwell and not enough. Afraid of menopause and aging.

And here is why dear one, you are simply not balanced.  Your hormones and metabolic processes are out of rhythm and you possibly do not even know it.

You are inwardly fragmented by the constant demands of modern life. Your creative juices are not being nourished and aspects of your inner landscape are drying up. You have become disconnected to your own self, your feminine essence.

This is not your fault.

You are living in a world that has incredibly high demands and expectations of you.  A culture that does not really educate women about the essence of menstruation, menopause and all it represents in the second half of your life.

Few women I experience, truly understand what is inwardly occurring with the transitions of their cycles and the vulnerability of change it brings.  You are navigating unchartered waters, often without the support of your own inner compass, nourishing and guiding you.

The modern world is loud, crowded, noisy and it is hard to listen to the resounding song of your heart calling and guiding you.

When you align with your natural rhythms you will bring balance back to your inner architecture and to all aspects that make the unique woman you are. You can hear the sound of your radiance.

This is why I created The Radiant Woman: Creating Absolute Vitality for the Second half of Life. To celebrate and embrace all the cycles, transitions and richness that make you the marvellous woman you are.

It is time to  stop buying the contemporary messages that are noisy, chaotic, sucking you dry and leaving you spiralling further from your spring of vitality and being enough. To stop putting bandages on wounds of this invisible transition of menopause.

This is it magnificent woman, this is the second half of your life. You have met and practiced your inner  knowingness, now you will become it. It is time for your renewal.

My promise to you dear friend, is to guide YOU in the ways of The Radiant Woman, so that you will have the practical knowledge,understanding and tools to navigate the 7 Essential life processes. You will live the second half of life with absolute gentleness, grace and ease.

At the end of this course, you will embody your true nature, experience dynamic energy, nourishment, clarity and purpose. You will be The Radiant Woman.

Dipika Delmenico, ND
Ayurvedic Practitioner, Naturopath and Presenter


In my 20’s I had little conscious spiritual orientation, working and playing hard, having intrepid wild adventures. I did not have much understanding or reverence for my inner rhythms and menstrual cycle.

In my late 20’s I studied Naturopathy, moved to LA to join my boyfriend and live the “fairytale” happy ever after when he suddenly died. Life as I knew it to be good and kind was shattered.

A year later my fears, my wounds, festered and manifest as debilitating anxiety. While this brought me to my knees, it was here I met myself and my spiritual teacher. I moved to India to live in a yoga ashram.

Disconnected from my womanhood and unable to digest my experiences, I was introduced to Ayurveda.

My pulse was read and I had the succinct experience of being completely understood in all aspects of myself. It was a transforming experience that sent me on a new trajectory of healing, and as healer, I spent years apprenticing to a Master Ayurvedic Physician in the art of pulse reading, going deep into practical mysteries of healing.

The spiritual science of Anthroposophic Medicine years later, took me even deeper into understanding the human nature of inner healing. Training in and experiencing Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound has refined and revealed the healing mysteries even more succinctly.

As a woman, mother, daughter, sister and aunt I yearn to know and embody all attributes of the archetypal woman I aspire to be.  I strive to be enough, to understand my cycles and rhythms,  my creative source, my power and truth.  I am privilege to share this in service and contribution with women of the world.

I’ve met pain.  While my experience of pain is unique to me and cannot be the same as your’s, I’ve felt the throbbing pain of loss so greatly I’ve  longed for sleep to carry me away.  And on first waking breath, the overwhelming grief, fear and vulnerability return.

I’ve danced at the threshold of death hemorrhaging in miscarriage.  I’ve felt rejection and  resentment of self and others in pursuing what is true to me.  I’ve taken risks when those who love me dearly have wanted me to play small and stay safe.

I’ve left my country, community,  home and family to follow callings of heart and service greater than any logic or language I can articulate. I meet my shadow side.

I believe when woman is connected to herself she is well and can heal.  When woman is well, man, children and family are well, local community, global community can heal and be well.

I am a Mother and daughter. I am wounded and whole. I am a radiant woman.


What people are saying about Dipika…

“I came to Dipika burned-out, stressed and systemically depleted…I was in a state! With her wise and compassionate guidance I learned how to listen to my body, to my thoughts and emotions, more clearly than ever before. Dipika taught me a rhythm of self care and understanding that’s helping me to heal. The benefit in my daily life is precious...This work is transformative.”

Jo Tasic
Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Business Woman & Mother


“In my 50’s I first saw Dipika during a career and life transition which left me, feeling unsettled, exhausted, not sleeping well, my mind full and my emotions spilling about at my feet! Dipika's gentle nature, Ayurvedic depth of knowledge and humble inner wisdom ensured she worked clearly and sensitively with my individual presentation for a profound shift in wellbeing. Like magic! I now feel settled, I'm sleeping soundly, my mind still tries to get busy...but I see it earlier now. Emotionally I feel steady. Everything is processing better. - balance is the word!  As a student of yoga I find Ayurveda to be the perfect health approach for me - aligning the the two streams of wisdom into one, sister science(s)."

Russelle Beardon
Yoga teacher

Russelle Beardon



Digestion of Life: Understanding How to Cultivate Your Vital Life Energy

In this first week, you will learn about how we digest and transform everything we take in so it becomes a substance giving vital life energy. You will discover:

  • Understanding your composition and nature from Ayurvedic perspective.
  • What is the fire of digestion and how it relates to all aspects of wellness in your being.
  • Practical tools for good digestion for life.
  • How to transform yourself by building your digestion solving up to 80% of health problems.


Cycles and Rhythms: Creating Hormonal and Metabolic Health

In this second session, we explore the link between nature’s cycles, innate rhythms healthy hormones and metabolic processes as the crucial key to your vitality. You will discover:

  • Your cyclic nature and rhythms that influence all aspects of your health and give you understanding of yourself and life.
  • Phases of Woman’s life and Women’s sacred rhythm of menstrual cycles.
  • Daily routine and rhythm practices to establish healthy metabolic processes and hormonal health.
  • How to have refreshing sleep.


Clearing the Path: Cleansing to Reconnect to Yourself

In this session we’ll answer the question: why do we cleanse? Ancients have cleansed to get closer to their innate, divine source, since the beginning of time. We cleanse to relieve ourselves of the burden of accumulation acquired in  living. We allow the body to release, recalibrate and reconnect. Clearing the inner pathway brings clarity and renewal of life energy.

Cleansing fine tunes us so that we can feel the resonance of our inner sound, more clearly. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • Why we cleanse and why it’s so important for our body and our vitality.
  • How cleansing balances us and how cleansing reconnects us to our heart, our truth and those around us. Cleansing  removes fatigue,giving clarity, purpose and ease.
  • Practical, simple tools for supporting your cleansing process.


Deep Nourishment: Feeding Your Essential Nature

In session four we explore both nourishment and how we nourish ourselves. We look at the substance of nourishment and it’s purpose as you mature and evolve as Woman. You will discover:

  • What is nourishment and how to best nourish our tissues, organs, mind and cycles?
  • How to nourishing uterine health, the seat of a woman’s creativity.
  • The phases of a woman’s life and how life forces change and transform at menopause for refined growth and purpose.
  • The essence and composition of nourishment.
  • Tools to cultivate daily practices for nourishment.


Connectedness and Flow: Tending the Garden of Your Inner Life

In the beginning is love, in the end is love and in the middle we have to keep cultivating love. In week five we look at the ways of cultivating virtues that maintain an inner flow and keep us connected to self. You will learn:

  • Tools to cultivate and maintain the Triple C that is the framework for connectedness to yourself -- Clarity, Compassion and Communication.
  • The role of Sympathetic/Parasympathetic nervous system and how the Triple C keeps you in the state of connected flow and ease.
  • How to draw on the right fuel for living well, not in a perpetual state of stress and depletion.
  • The Gunas… the qualities of mind from an Ayurvedic perspective.
  • Simple, effective tools to develop more sattvic, pure mental qualities.


Growth and Maturation: Blossoming into Your Radiance

In this session we look at your “How” and “Where To” from here. You have matured and blossomed but now what do you do with this new inner spaciousness you are experiencing? We will explore:

  • Your creative expression…how to give expression to who you are, what your heart calls for, what kindles your flame of passion and keeps it burning bright.
  • Your Heart Calling and how to manifest it, and how you start dreaming your dream.
  • The key tools to support your maturation and growth that you can sustain and maintain this in an aligned and purposeful way.
  • Ways to cultivate awareness conducive for your wellness and growth.


Your Legacy: Spreading the Seeds of Your Gifts

In this final week we look at what your contribution is. What harvest are you bringing to the table of life? What is your legacy and how do you spread the seeds of your service? In this module you’ll discover:

  • A powerful reflective contemplation and meditation.
  • Specific tools and approaches to know your contribution…and how to acknowledge your contribution and remain steadfast as you spread the seeds of your service in community and beyond.
  • The Seven Life Processes and course from intake to this phase of service.


“Myself and my family have had the incredible opportunity to be nurtured, nourished, and healed with the guidance of Dipika for many years with an array of health crisis’.

With the nourishing love and guidance of Dipika, ayurveda has been an essential part of my family's welfare and health.  Dipika always empowers us with great knowledge of her craft and constantly encourages us trust each of our own instincts, to be responsible and responding to our own bodies.  She communicates with incredible presence and love.

We all deeply value her knowledge and practice of the ancient Ayurvedic Medicine with the greatest reverence and are so blessed that we are part of her global community."

Stephanie Jane Pollock
Mother, Educator and Doula.

“Dipika is an insightful, experienced Ayurvedic Practitioner, and a woman of integrity, wisdom and heart. She has helped 1000’s of people experience wellness and healing. She understands the depths of Ayurvedic wisdom, apply it in a simple, practical way that empowers and transforms people’s modern lives.”

Dr. Smita Naram
Ayurvedic Physician.Founder & Managing Director, Ayushakti Ayurved International

“Dipika, in my experience, 'walks her talk'. Her insight into the troubles of the body, mind and soul, gained through her quite unique gift with the ancient system of Ayurved, identified imbalances that I was barely aware of. As a practitioner myself I am impressed by her depth of knowledge and touch in her teachings that creates transformation in profound ways.”

Tim Mitchell
Vedic Meditation Teacher and Health Practitioner

“The value of this course was Superb, the life saver. I’m now able to do less and be more”

Jana G, Czech Republic
Previous Course Participant

“This course is far superior to others in practical, achievable ways of being. I felt Dipika was really talking to ME and no-one has done this in quite the same way before. Dipika’s teaching style is awesome, personal and present. She walks the talk and it inspires me to.  I’m now kinder to myself. This course made me take a good look at myself as I heard Dipika’s wise words at a deeper level. I’ve now  stopped struggling."

Marie Pienne, Victoria, Australia
Previous Course Participant

This course is excellent value because it is authentic and real - it's much better than any wellness course I have participated in because it speaks the truth.

Dipika's warmth, guidance, insights, smile, laugh and radiant presence makes the course!

Individually we can do our own research, but it has been fun studying with Dipika and a group of radiant women from all over the world. Dipika's teachings have had a profound effect on me. She inspires me to live my truth and to look after my heart. Something the whole world should learn to do. As Dipika has said - how can we fill other people's cups if we haven't yet filled our own? How can we expect to give empathy to other people if we cannot give empathy to ourselves first?

Ky Millar, Victoria, Australia
Previous Course Participant

"Through doing the Radiant Woman course l’ve realised in the second half my life l don't have to be running around like a crazy woman. Rather, that l can take time to hone the areas in life l am passionate about, do the inner work every day, be creative and enjoy the wellbeing that has come through embracing Ayurveda."

Kelli Lavelle, Geelong, Australia
Previous Course Participant


"Through her Radiant Woman Course Dipika takes your hand and guides you on a journey where the destination is vibrant health, profound creativity and clarity of mind,  balanced emotions, and deep self-love and inner silence.  The indisputable healthy, radiant, peaceful glow that Dipika exudes is proof enough that what she teaches really works.  I am continually inspired by Dipika and her knowledge of how we can live the second half of our lives with dynamic grace and ease."

Debra Poneman
Bestselling author, Founder and CEO of Yes to Success, Inc. and Co-founder of Your Year of Miracles

“Dipika Delmenico is masterful at connecting women to their healthiest and best self and their deepest feminine essence.  In The Radiant Woman: Creating Absolute Vitality for the Second Half of Life, she shares the profound wisdom of Ayurveda in a comprehensive way that will create powerful transformation in your life.  Dipika will give you the specific knowledge and tools to navigate all the phases, challenges and   opportunities of the second half of life. You will hear, appreciate, and make manifest the beautiful song of your heart.

I encourage every woman to take this course and live with full vitality and exquisite radiance. This program is truly life changing!”

Marci Shimoff
#1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul, featured teacher in The Secret

"Dipika has a pure heart of service and an eloquence of speech that transmits complex ideas into tangible resonance. She weaves together a lifetime of training in multiple disciplines with (many more lifetimes!) of soul knowledge in the field of healing. I'm sure any course offered by her will be rich with learning and transformation!"


Anandra George,
Coach, Founder Heart of Sound ~ World First Sound based Yoga Teacher Training, Hawaii, USA

“Dear Friends, Dipika has synthesised the gold wisdom from Anthroposophical medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for the peri-menopausal woman. I have learnt from Dipika the importance of understanding and supporting a totally different energy dynamic for this stage of life.  More importantly I have learnt if the transition is supported in the right way, vigorous energies are ours after menopause, but if we continue our old ways we will come up against the body's resistance. Such an opportunity to hear and listen to our soul life if we give our selves the time and space to listen to our heart's wisdom. The reproductive forces are now free for higher spiritual cognitive thinking. Many Thanks Dipika for your work, a wonderful courageous work"

Dr Lisa Harris
Medical Doctor

This is more than a course - this is a community!

Living your radiant woman is an empowering choice for your now and your future. At this time more than ever the world needs you to heal your feminine essence.   To experience the fullest potential in your training with Dipika the ongoing support and connection with Women on the same path is invaluable.

When you register for The Radiant Woman: Creating Absolute Vitality for the Second Half of Life you will become part of a vibrant global community of women just like you.


7 Weekly LIVE 75-Minute Course Sessions and Q&A led by Dipika Delmenico, ND.

Starting 25th October at 17:30 Pacific Time/26th October 10:30am AEDT, Dipika will be teaching each of the 7 Course Sessions, taking you step-by-step each week through one of the 7 Keys of The Radiant Woman that create absolute vitality for the second half of life. Each week, Dipika will answer your questions about the course material and guide you on your transforming journey.

Video and Audio Recordings of Each Course Session

You will receive a recording of each course session so if you miss a live session or wish to listen to it again and again you can. Again this is a wonderful tool to deepen your integration of the teachings.

Practices and Enrichment Activities for Each Course Session

Each week you will receive practices and enrichment activities that will deepen and support your understanding and practical integration of the course content covered.

Custom, Private Course Facebook Group

Connect and Engage with other course participants in this private, supportive Radiant Woman Community group. As you go through the course, you will be able to come together and connect  with other participants to share your breakthroughs and insights.  This collaborative support allows you to deepen into the principles and teachings. Through this engagement, you will experience the empowerment that comes through working together in community.

PDF Transcripts of Each Course Session

Download the transcript of each course session after you’ve listened to it, so you can to refer back to it as you follow the course through to your radiant vitality. The power of your learning can be integrated even more deeply as you reconnect to the course sessions in print.

Special Bonus Materials to Add to Your Course Experience

Dipika has brought together a unique and powerful group of master teachers to supplement the core teaching sessions with additional material that will enhance your experience in the course and provide complimentary learnings to what Dipika is sharing. These bonus sessions and materials are listed here.



The Radiant Woman 40 day tips and tool kit with Amrita Ayurveda

Amrita Ayurveda was established by Dipika Delmenico to bring ancient healing wisdom and wellness in the modern world.  For 40 days you will receive  tips, home remedies, recipes and words of inspiration to embody your radiance as woman.  These will be emailed to you daily to support and establish your creation and experience of vitality.


BONUS #1: Sound of your Radiance Discovery Session with Dipika Delmenico

Early Registration Bonus.  Offer will lapse on October 6th.

As a special bonus for early registration Dipika is offering 15 minute one-on-one laser wellness discovery sessions. Dipika will make personal recommendations for your radiant vitality including diet, home remedies and lifestyle.   Scheduled Sessions will take place via SKYPE or Zoom. Availability is limited.

BONUS #2: The Ayurvedic Kitchen eBook by Nadia Marshall, Mudita Clinic and Institute.

THE AYURVEDIC KITCHEN is a vegetarian cookbook based on the Ayurvedic principles of good digestion, inspired by our recent experiences including our travels through India, our retreats, workshops and our own joyful relationships with food....

This inspiring cookbook is a collaboration between the Mudita Institute and Chef Stephen Galpin. It is designed to help you rethink your relationship with food... to help you move towards a more nourishing, loving experience. 88 wonderful vegetarian recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweets and snacks, drinks and accompaniments.

The majority of the recipes are gluten free and all can be slightly adapted for people with lactose/dairy intolerances or for vegans. They are also all sattvic (support a peaceful mind), tridoshic (suitable for all constitutions) and are designed to support balanced agni (digestion).

BONUS #3: 5 Essential Steps to a Life of Passion and Purpose eBook by Tricia Acheatel

What is your vision for what you want to bring into the world? Your longing to create is real, and valid and most importantly, the world needs it! The time is now to unleash our voices, our power and our leadership to have a positive impact and change what needs to be changed. Learn the 5 Steps to reconnecting with your essential self and offering the unique gifts that reflect your creativity. Tricia wants to help women change the world and to be excited, fulfilled, productive, and happy. Fulfill your potential and live a life filled with passion and purpose because this is the reason you are here and offering your genius is essential to a healthy and whole society. Giving your gift is your service to the world.

BONUS #4: A-Your-Veda: Your Inner Treasure Roadmap by Dipika Delmenico

  • PRACTICAL WISDOM: The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for YOUR vitality, clarity and fulfilment.
  • TIPS & TOOLS: For optimal digestion, metabolic processes and essential cleansing for vibrant life energy and ease.
  • RHYTHMS & ROUTINES: Find wholeness, balance, nourishment with rhythms and routines for refreshing sleep and life clarity.
  • RECONNECT: How to reconnect with your all seeing, all knowing inner healer


Course starting 25th October at 17:30 Pacific Time.

Single Upfront Payment

US$297 Once Off

Simple Payment Plan

US$107 3 Monthly Payments

The course price includes all these bonuses available to you:

The Radiant Woman 40 day tips and tool kit with Amrita Ayurveda

Sound of your Radiance Discovery Session with Dipika Delmenico

Ayurvedic Kitchen eBook by Nadia Marshall, Mudita Clinic and Institute

5 Essential Steps to a Life of Passion and Purpose eBook by Tricia Acheatel

A-Your-Veda: Your Inner Treasure Roadmap by Dipika Delmenico

30 day guarantee

Email tiffany@dipikadelmenico.com for any further enquiries and we will be glad to assist you.


An online course delivers curriculum to you on a weekly basis and you can determine and control how you do the work.  Whether your favorable work time is morning or evening, you can participate live or listen to the recordings of each session at your convenience.

Dipika Delmenico

Dipika Delmenico is a Naturopath, Ayurvedic practitioner and Author.  For 20 years she has practiced globally, traditional medicine and the art of pulse reading.

Embracing ancient healing wisdom for wellness in modern world, she is passionate about holistic healing of the feminine. Dipika brings empathy, authentic depth and clarity to her work having developed deep insight and sensitivity in reading a person's physical, emotional and mental state through pulse evaluation.

Dipika has evolved her work into the spiritual science of health and illness studying with international  Anthroposophic Medical Specialists and Pedagogic School Health Consultants.   Dipika has participated in the 5 year International Postgraduate Medical Training of Anthroposophic medicine in Australia and India.  The essence of her work and renewing healing mysteries has refined through her practice and teacher training in Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound.

An engaging and inspiring speaker Dipika believes working with women's health, reestablishing essential routines and rhythms in our lives is key for children and whole family health in all communities. Having worked extensively with women health issues, hormonal health and menopause, she has worked with 1000’s of women to create vitality, empower and transform their lives connecting with the sound of their radiance.

She runs busy clinical practice on the SurfCoast and Melbourne, Australia.

Dipika mentors Ayurvedic and Health Professionals and is author of The Ayurvedic Woman: Radiant Wellness for all Phases of Life and The Radiant Woman wellness programs.