Keynote Speaking

Dipika Delmenico is a naturally engaging and charismatic speaker. Well versed and passionate about healing and wellness, it is her own health challenges and life experiences that brought her to training as a Naturopath and practicing Ayurvedic medicine more than 20 years ago. Dipika radiates wellness, inspires and empowers wellness in her audience.

Signature Talks

Dipika presents and speaks on various aspects of health and wellness from family health care, fertility and menstrual health, detoxing, ageing well, metabolic and hormonal health, lifestyle and rhythms.

Here are her three essential signature talks:

1. Dynamic You ~ Your Digestion ~ The essentials of good digestion for a healthy life.

Everything we eat, ingest, every experience we have must be digested. With simple way tools to bolster and improve digestion up to 80% of health challenges can be benefited.   Know the essential ways to keep your digestion strong and have good immune integrity and steadfastness for life.

2. The Task of Chronic Pain and Essential keys to manage it.

Understand the source of pain, it’s challenges and gifts so we can can develop and grow. Learn how to address and manage chronic pain whether physical, mental or emotional with practical Ayurvedic tools and solutions.

3. Wise Woman: Radiant health for Menopause and beyond ~ The Wisdom Years.

Understanding the transitions of woman's life from menstruation to menopause and beyond. In this golden 2nd half of life we look at how the fruits of Woman’s menstrual years is embodied as wisdom. Essential practices are given to support the changing body that can all too often present health challenges on every level of a woman’s wellness.

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